1. Anonymous said: Come backkkk more artttt

    ok I promise more art. I have been away…..

  2. Made With Paper

    Late night By jk3 things
  3. How to make smoke @sniffum

    By jk3 things

    Made with paper

    Was recently asked how I made steam or smoke
    Here is a quick way.
    So easy and awesome with the blur feature with pencil
    Start with a black or white background
    I like to use a bright white pencil and turn the blur feature off
    Just start sketching your smoke or steam and try to get the shapes as fluid as possible. There is no order to this. I then turn the blur feature on and use my finger to lightly smudge the lines and strokes. Like you would do if you were smudging paint or real pencil on a canvas.
    To get a dimensional effect just repeat the process over again to create depth. Also as a finishing touch use the pen tool to create darker lines and then smudge.

    Also on black backgrounds you can add color later by using the water color brush over your white smoke. or just pick the color of your choice to do the same technique.

    Hope this was helpful@sniffum
    Thanks for the likes!
    Have fun smoking out:)


  4. sniffum said: How did you do the smoke for your coffee!! It's so good!! Tutorial pweeeees? 😍😍❤️💜

    hi! Thanks so much. sorry have been traveling. I will post a how to.
    its part of the great blend and blur feature with Pencil.

  5. Made With Paper

    Design engagement notes
  6. Paper and pencil doing their thing
    At an event apart dc.

  7. An event apart web design conference.
    Awesome sauce.

  8. thecartoongarden:

    The ones I still like (redux # 15)



  9. adoodlinby:


    This Tumblr is going really well, I’m stoked by the Notes we’re getting for respective Paper artists. It’s awesome and you’re awesome, thank you for following this blog.

    Our mission is to get Paper artists that extra bit of exposure and recognition, in the hopes that more people can see their…

    I guess my window of opportunity to comment on this post closed :/ I just sent you a large list! fuckyeahmadewithpaper
  10. alittlevisual:

    warm patterns

    Made with Paper

    Such nice detail…