1. Made With Paper

    Design engagement notes
  2. Paper and pencil doing their thing
    At an event apart dc.

  3. An event apart web design conference.
    Awesome sauce.

  4. thecartoongarden:

    The ones I still like (redux # 15)



  5. adoodlinby:


    This Tumblr is going really well, I’m stoked by the Notes we’re getting for respective Paper artists. It’s awesome and you’re awesome, thank you for following this blog.

    Our mission is to get Paper artists that extra bit of exposure and recognition, in the hopes that more people can see their…

    I guess my window of opportunity to comment on this post closed :/ I just sent you a large list! fuckyeahmadewithpaper
  6. alittlevisual:

    warm patterns

    Made with Paper

    Such nice detail…

  7. riq-maq:

    Made with Paper

    once, at a sushi bar, my infinite loneliness was swimming happily inside the gold fishes of your eyes… : )

    Just fascinating

  8. emalfesi:

    Flames 23

    Love the color of this…

  9. Made With Paper

    Sunny all day By jk3 things
  10. Playing with Fire
    By jk3 things

    Made with paper