1. jk3things:

    Made With Paper

    Neon Jelly By jk3things

    Working on blur and color of an older piece.

  2. madewithpaper:

    Lighter Than Air

    Made With Paper by allisonats

    Really nice work.

  3. nbase66:


    "Street Shaker" A tribute to ZRods Customs 1970 RT Charger-done on my iPad using Paper by FiftyThree

    super super

    Sick reflections..

  4. edwinvdbogert:


    Made With Paper

    I feel so honored that you have given me a place on this beautiful bookshelf amongst many wonderful artists.

    Thank you !!

    Wow. So honored! Thankyou!

  5. Made With Paper


  6. Anonymous asked: What does your url mean?

    Jk3? It’s my name. I’m a third. John, last name and III

  7. ninjaticsart:

    20mins Spitpaint - topic - Girl with headphones

    Straight up talent.

  9. liangliwei:

    Japan swordsman

    Love the depth as well as simplicity you get with your sketching style.. Really Nice work@liangliwei.

  10. eichan68:


    Really really nice…